EP2349-0022 | EtherCAT Kutusu, 16 kanallı dijital kombi, 24 V DC, 10 µs, 0,5 A, M12

The EP2349-0022 EtherCAT Box has 16 digital channels that can each be operated as inputs or outputs. It is not necessary to configure whether a channel (pin 2 and 4 of the M12) is to be used as input or output; the input circuit is permanently connected internally to the output driver, so that a set output is automatically displayed in the input process image.

The inputs have a filter of 10 µs. The outputs handle load currents up to 0.5 A and are short-circuit-proof and protected against reverse polarity. The total current of all outputs is limited to 4 A.

The connected sensors are supplied by an internal, short-circuit-proof driver module with a total of 0.5 A for all sensors. The inputs and outputs are supplied via UP. The signal status is indicated by LEDs. The signals are connected via M12 connectors.