EP2816-0004 | EtherCAT Kutusu, 16 kanallı dijital çıkış, 24 V DC, 0,5 A, M16

The EP2816-0004 EtherCAT Box is intended for processing digital/binary signals. It switches the binary control signals from the automation device to the actuators at the process level. The outputs process an output current of up to max. 0.5 A. A short-term overload is possible. The outputs are short-circuit proof. The total current of all outputs is limited to 4 A.

The signal status is indicated in groups by LEDs. The signal is connected via a 19-pin M16 socket. The 16-channel design offers a very high channel density in a very small space. With IP67-D-Sub connectors, 16-channel valve islands can be connected cost-effectively and decentrally in the field.