ER2328-0002 | EtherCAT Kutusu, 4 kanallı dijital giriş + 4 kanallı dijital çıkış, 24 V DC, 3 ms, 2 A, M12, çinko döküm

The ER2328-0002 EtherCAT Box combines four digital inputs and four digital outputs in one device. A filter constant of 3.0 ms is available for the inputs. The outputs handle load currents of up to to 2 A each, although the total current is limited to 4 A. This makes these modules particularly suitable for applications in which not all of the outputs are active at the same time, or in which not all of the actuators draw 2 A signal current.

The state of each signal is indicated by means of light emitting diodes. The signals are connected via screw type M12 connectors. The sensors are powered by the box supply US.

The EtherCAT Box modules with zinc die-cast housing are ready for use in harsh industrial and process environments. With the fully sealed design and metal surfaces the ER series is ideal for applications requiring enhanced load capacity and protection against weld spatter, for example.