EPP2596-0002 | EtherCAT P Kutusu, 1 kanallı LED çıkışı, 24 V DC, 3 A, M12

The EPP2596-0002 LED strobe control box contains a flexible power supply unit that supplies the LED with the required current and voltage. Applications from continuous light to short light pulses in the kHz range are thus possible. Each individual flash can be triggered in a controlled manner by the control system via the distributed clocks/timestamp function. The EPP2596-0002 has a trigger output for triggering cameras and high-quality, fast current and voltage control, so that line scan cameras, for example, also benefit from constant illumination. Extensive real-time diagnostics, e.g. for input current/voltage and output current/voltage allow detailed monitoring of the LED light intensity. Thus, overdrive applications with short high-current pulses through the LED are possible. If the set load corridor is exited, e.g., due to load errors, the EPP2596-0002 switches off to protect the LED (resettable).

Special features:

  • suitable for lighting-related vision applications up to 24 V DC
  • max. output current 0…3 A in pulse mode/0…1.2 A in continuous mode
  • different operating modes possible
    • continuous mode (current and voltage output, PWM)
    • pulse operation
    • RGB/common anode mode
  • support of the timestamp XFC technology
  • synchronized operation through distributed clocks XFC technology possible